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Jaxto is a network of Independent stores spread across the web. Customers can find all the independent WooCommerce stores relevant to their needs, all in one mobile app. Jaxto offers solutions for Discovery, Login, Loyalty Program, Coupon, and Expert trade for all Merchants. WooCommerce stores can also use the platform to connect with each other. Jaxto is all about discovery, whether it's by the end consumers or other Merchants. Be part of Jaxto's WooCommerce network and get discovered.


eCommerce Browser for Independent Stores

Native Mobile App Experience

Qualify Jaxto's criteria and get listed in Jaxto's Mobile App. It gives access to our users and network of merchants.

Unified Loyalty Program

Customers get Jaxto Reward Points on making a purchase on your Store. Customers will get gifts and exclusive access from Reward Points. It will be similar to Credit Card Spending Points.

Google Keyword Ranking

With Jaxto's SEO tool, get your Independent store rank higher on Google web page.


Unified Login

No need for separate registrations, offer your customers a more convenient shopping experience with Jaxto's single Login for all Independent WooCommerce Stores.

Promote Store Coupon

Attract new customers with Coupons and create buzz by promoting your best deals to customers.

Instant Apps Enabled

Let the customers access your app's content directly with without installing your android app. Released in 2017, Google I/O will change mobile experience for all Independent WooCommerce Stores.

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Be part of Jaxto's network of WooCommerce Stores and reap the benefits of latest digital technology.

New users for your store

Get discovered by your prospective customers and future partners.

0% Commission on Sales

ZERO commission and no hidden charges. Use Jaxto's extensive features for free and grow your business.


Find the right connections for B2B and source new products from Jaxto's Merchant network.

Mobile Commerce Ready

Deep linking or Instant Apps, make your store updated with latest mobile solutions.

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